Elixir Map Designer Manual

Release 8.8.0

Elixir Technology Pte Ltd

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Getting Started
2. Map Creation
Step 1 : Store the Shapefiles in the Repository
Step 2 : Create Map file from .shp file
Step 3 : Define Primary Key
Step 4 : Customise Base Map Format
Step 5 : Add Map Layer(s) to the Base Map
Step 6 : Final Format to Show a Complete Map
3. Data Integration
Converted to .ds file
4. Designer Features
Types of Colouring Algorithm
Gradient 2
Gradient 3
Map Layers
Primary key

List of Figures

2.1. Store Shapefiles in the Repository
2.2. Define .shp file as .map file
2.3. Display default .map file
2.4. Select Primary Key
2.5. Select Appropriate Colouring Algorithm
2.6. Format Title
2.7. Format Legend
2.8. Format Map Layer
2.9. Enable Map Layer
2.10. Map After Show Data
2.11. Effect of Data on Colouring
3.1. Define DBF DataSource
4.1. Colouring Algorithm - Array (with few regions)
4.2. Colouring Algorithm - Array (with numerous regions)
4.3. Colouring Algorithm - Gradient 2
4.4. Colouring Algorithm - Gradient 3
4.5. Colouring Algorithm - Image
4.6. Colouring Algorithm - Lookup
4.7. A Sample of Continuous Legend
4.8. A Sample of Continuous Legend without Start At Zero Option
4.9. Example of Base Map without Map Layer
4.10. Example of a Base Map with Map Layers